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OPI Pro Spa Foot File

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OPI Pro Spa Foot File represents the ultimate in pedicure performance and sanitation. The large file working surface offers a safe, hygienic and economical method of speedy callus removal. Fully disinfectable, the single use grit strips are easy to apply and remove.

Coarse 80-grit disposable strip quickly reduces the size of the callus.

Medium 120-grit disposable strip buffs the skin to a smooth finish.

Directions of use:

  • To apply the grit strip to the file, peel away the protective backing and smooth on to the file using firm pressure.

  • For best results use the foot file, wet or dry, after treating feet with Pro Spa Advanced Callus Softening Gel.

  • Use the coarse 80-grit side first, then the medium 120-grit followed by Pro Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.

  • Remove the grit strips by gripping near the thumb depression and peel off. Remove any residual adhesive, then wash and disinfect the file.