Learn more about Osaka Scissors with Laetita Guenaou

Laetitia Guenaou represents the L’Oréal Professionnel brand worldwide as an ambassador and assistant artistic director within the creation team of Haute Coiffure Française.  She has her academy and label “The World of Laetitia Guenaou” in Krakow, Poland, and a training institute “L’Instituto L’Oréal Professionnel” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Laetitia creates her images and trends in harmony with the seasons. Acclaimed by the international press, journalists broadcast his latest creations and celebrate her talent. Laetitia has also evolved into the world of fashion (Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Montana, etc.) and French cinema (Chabrol, Jeunet, Coline Serreau, etc.).

Laetitia currently carries a range of Osaka scissors to help serve her creativity throughout her work.  She is our global ambassador and represents what Osaka hopes to achieve in delivering the finest tools for our clients to bring out their individual and unique imaginations. 

Check out our Osaka collection today and see why they are choice of some of the worlds top hair stylists...




Cobalt is perfect for those looking for scissors with a longer lasting edge and smoother cut. With high levels of metals such as molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt your scissors will have increased hardness and durability. These cobalt alloys are meticulously crafted in Japan, ensuring the best quality for our scissors. 



Titanium has long been regarded as a material used to add a splash of colour to scissors. However, they also serve protect those who are allergic to certain metals (cobalt alloys or stainless steels) from skin reactions. At Osaka Scissors, we apply titanium over both cobalt and stainless steel scissors to ensure you have a range suited to your budget.  



This is the standard material for scissors. This type of material is used widely as it is both both hard and durable at an affordable price point. The elements combined also protects the scissors from corrosion.