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WAHL Clipper Oil (118.3ml)

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WAHL Clipper Oil 118.3ml

Do you have a WAHL clipper or trimmer with or without cable? And do you find the battery to be depleted way too quickly? Does the engine have little power? Does the blade get overheated or does it shave badly? These complications stem from little or bad maintenance.

WAHL cutting blades need to be oiled and maintained regularly. A fast and easy way to ensure better cutting performance and durability.

Using the WAHL Clipper Oil has the following advantages:

  • It prevents the aformentioned complications.
  • Extends the durability of your tool.
  • Less wear and tear of the knife and blade.

The WAHL Clipper Oil (10ml/118,3ml) is specifically designed to ensure that your favourite Wahl tools perform at their best time and time again. Due to the consistency of the oil, the contact between the upper and lower knives is optimal, does not make the hairs sticky and does not get between the blades (which causes pulling of the hair). It lowers the resistance, prevents overheating and affects the cutting capacity positively.

It slows down the wear process and the blades stay significantly sharper. Poorly oiled blades cause more noise, increas vibration and wear on the engine, battery and other moving parts.


  • Thoroughly clean the cutting blades with a cleaning brush and remove excess hairs between the blades.
  • Point the WAHL tool, with the blades, in a downward direction to prevent oil from entering the engine.
  • Apply 5 drops of WAHL Clipper Oil on the cutting blade (one at each corner, in the middle and at each corner of the lower section of the upper knife) and 3 drops for a Wahl trimmer.
  • Turn on the clipper and adjust the lever to maximize oil coverage.
  • Turn the clipper off and remove any excess oil with a clean soft cloth.
  • Make sure the blades are well oiled before and after every use for the best shaving results.