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The Eyelash Emporium

The Eyelash Emporium Special Effects C-Curl Pre-Made Fan 3D - 0.10

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Create show-stopping, special effect lashes with our classic C-Curl pre-made fans. The fused technology creates the lightest weight fan, giving maximum impact to a variety of eye shapes and lash profiles.

Deliver an Oscar-winning performance every time by adding extra drama to your volume and hybrid lashes with our Pre-Made Fans.

Our fans are fused together instead of bonded with adhesive. This creates a lighter-weight, more natural looking fan that will not compromise lash health.

The versatile C-Curl is a must-have for creating an action-packed semi-permanent look, available in 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D fans.

Each tray comes with 16 lines of fans, in a mix of lengths ranging from 9-12mm.
A great lash goes a long, long way, which is why all of ours are made with PBT. The advanced polymer that is super soft, light and silky but deceptively tough, holding its curl.

We take the issue of animal testing very seriously and can assure you that we don’t use real Mink hair. All of our products are vetro tested meaning no animals have taken part in the creation of our lashes.