Salon System Soft Wax 450g

Salon System Soft Wax 450g

Salon System
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Just wax soft wax is the perfect addition to any waxologist’s supply cupboard. Blended with natural ingredients, this high-quality pot wax will ensure a smooth, even application and fast, effective hair removal. The honey wax is perfect for those with sensitive skin and can be used on all areas, making it suitable for all clientele.

The cost-effective soft wax is highly suited to busy waxologists who require large amounts of the product. It’s a high-quality product at a low price, the best value for any waxologist’s money.

Features and benefits: 
  • Blended with natural ingredients – a top quality product made with the best ingredients
  • Smooth application and effective hair removal – ensure your client receives the most comfortable and effective treatment
  • Cost-effective – a low price for a high-quality product is perfect for those busy waxologists that go through a lot of product
  • Made from honey wax ­ perfect for sensitive skin and all areas