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Jaguar 6" Timeless Thinner - 43 Teeth Hairdressing Scissors

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Perfection in design and function - this is what distinguishes JAGUAR hair scissors. With the different lines we offer the individually suitable tool for every hairdresser's daily work.

Made with 43 thinning teeth, the Jaguar Timeless 43 features an elegant blend of slim blade and long handle for good looks and high performance.

The thinning teeth are V-shaped and finely worked for a precision cut. The blades themselves have a flat angle to the cutting edge to give them excellent sharpness and are made from high quality, ice-tempered steel so that edge will last.

The handles are offset for a relaxed hand position and feature a properly round thumb ring with a slight bend to it to reduce pressure marks and ensure all-day cutting comfort. There's also a fixed finger rest and black finger-ring inserts for extra comfort.

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