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Indola Innova Root Activating Lotion 8x7ml

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Indola Root Activating Lotion 8x7ml

Indola Root Activating Lotion reduces hair loss after 6 weeks in daily use. In addition, the lotion provides an increase in hair density after 24 weeks in daily use.

Thanks to the Trichotherapy Cosmetics formula, hair growth is stimulated and hair follicles are recycled daily after 24 weeks to a normal level of 80%.

Indola Root Activating Lotion is specially developed for thinning hair. The lotion is enriched with taurine, carnitine, tataric acid and panthenol.

Indola Root Activating Lotion:

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Increased the fire density
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • For thinner hair

* Non-pathological hair loss

** Founded by 75% of participants in a clinical study (independent German Dermatological Institute 2007, with 60 participants)

Owner's Manual:

  • For best results use the lotion in combination with the Indola Root Activating Shampoo.
  • Apply half a tube twice a day. Divide it evenly over the scalp and allow it to retract.
  • Note: The lotion does not have to be rinsed out.
  • Use the lotion for 6 weeks for the best results.

Indola Root Activating Lotion is available in a pack of 8x7ml.