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Hive Neos 1000cc Wax Heater White

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The neos range is the latest collection from waxing innovators Hive of Beauty. Applying over 20 years of waxing knowledge, the neos range has been specially designed to provide therapists and busy salons with the ultimate wax heating solution. The neos 1000cc has been specially designed to provide therapists with the ultimate heating solution. Standard sized wax jars are decanted into the inner container, 800g European tins can be directly inserted into the heater. This flexibility makes the neos 1000cc ideal for use in busy salons.

  • Suitable for warm, crème and hot depilatory waxes and paraffin waxes
  • Temperature regulator dial and indicator light
  • Fast heat up time
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Supplied with a protective collar, inner container, scraper bar and handle, and a fitted lid