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Hair Tools Bendy Rollers Short Red 12mm

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Soft and extremely flexible bendy rollers, with a smooth surface that won't snag of break the hair. They are so soft you can even wear to bed!

Creates fantastic curls and waves and can be used on wet or dry hair with no need for pins or grips as they are designs to be bent into any desired shape.

The Bendy Rollers can be used with styling products as well as perming solutions for a more permanent curl.

Supplied in a pack of 10.

Short Bendy Rollers are 18cm long, available in:

  • Short yellow 10mm
  • Short red 12mm
  • Short blue 14mm
  • Short orange 16mm
  • Short grey 18mm
  • Short purple 20mm


Long Bendy Rollers are 24cm long, available in:

  • Long red 12mm
  • Long blue 14mm
  • Long orange 16mm
  • Long grey 18mm
  • Long purple 20mm
  • Long green 22mm.