Denman Squargonomics Silver Hairbrush 53mm

Denman Squargonomics Silver Hairbrush 53mm

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Ceramic hair brushes with square barrels for extra volume

With their Squargonomics range, Denman have taken the humble styling brush and given it edge. Literally, in fact, as it's the four edges that square off the barrel of the brush that give these brushes their ability to add more volume to hair and to straighten it better than you thought possible.

Each brush features crimped bristles for better comfort on the scalp. Comfort has also been considered in the ergonomic design of the handle which fits snugly into your hand and makes the brushes a pleasure to use.

Squargonomic brushes come in a choice of pink or silver and are available in 5 sizes: 20 mm, 25 mm, 33 mm, 43 mm and 53 mm. The bigger the barrel size, the more volume is added to the hair, so the 20 mm is excellent for short crops, while the 53 mm is perfect for long, thick hair.