DREAMWEAVE Magnegenics Mascara Black


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Dreamweave Magnegenics Mascara Black is a one-step wonder that immediately creates deliciously full-effect lashes, worthy of bold eyelash icon Betty Boop herself. It might seem like magic, but the instantly dramatic, lengthening impact you’ll get from declaring ‘Magnegenics’ and waving this wand is due to its slick 3-in-1 silicone-based formula. This means it looks like a fibre mascara, without containing any extra fibres. The sweeping brush is a new design that doesn’t miss a trick, its bristles generously coat your lashes from root to tip, no matter which angle you apply from. Despite being smudge-free and super long-lasting, the product washes off effortlessly with regular makeup remover. Completely cruelty-free.



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