Wigs FAQs

What is the difference between a machine wefted and monofilament wig/hairpiece?
The term "Machine Wefted" means that the wig/hairpiece has been made by a machine. Because of this, the wig will have Permatease. Permatease is a slight frizz at the root of the fibre hair. This is to hide the machine made cap. Machine wefted wigs/hairpieces are available in the Noriko, Hi Fashion and Stimulate collections.
A monofilament top means that the hair has been hand knotted in to the cap on a skin like material to give the appearance of hair growing from the scalp. Monofilament wigs and hairpieces tend to look more natural but are a little bit more expensive because of the hand knotting. Monofilament wigs/hairpieces available in Amore, Noriko, Sentoo Premium and Stimulate collections.
Can I use heat on my fibre hair wig/hairpiece?
No. Never use any kind of heated appliances, this will burn the fibre. Please also be careful when opening oven doors and standing near gas heaters etc. as these can also burn the hair.
How long does a fibre hair wig/hairpiece last?
The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig/hairpiece is 4-6 months. A mid-length or bob style is between 3-4 months and a long style is 2-3 months; these time frames are an approximate and are based on everyday wear and how well the wig/hairpiece is being looked after.
How do I wash my fibre hair wig/hairpiece and how often?
If you are wearing your fibre hair wig/hairpiece daily, it should be washed every 7-10 days. We recommend that you use T-Range Fibre aftercare products for washing. These products are specially formulated to cleanse fibre hair. Always follow the aftercare instructions that come with your wig/hairpiece.
Can my fibre hair wig/hairpiece be coloured?
No, fibre hair cannot be coloured. Fibre hair does eventually dull with age but it does not fade.
Can I cut my fibre hair wig/hairpiece?
All fibre hair wigs/hairpieces already come pre-styled but they can be personalised to suit you i.e. thinned and trimmed but the style cannot be changed completely.
Do they come in different sizes?
The size of the caps of the wigs depends on which collection you choose from. Majority of Amore, Noriko and Hi Fashion collections are all one size of 54cm, however the style Sky is available in a large cap size of 57.5cm. Stimulate collection haspetite, average and large sizes available throughout the collection and Sentoo Premium come in 53.5cm caps as well as petite (51cm) and large (55cm) caps. All caps do have an adjustable strap inside so they can be adjusted ever so slightly if needed.
My hair has gone frizzy. What does this mean?
if your fibre hair wig/hairpiece has frizzed at the ends, this is called Friction Frizz. Friction Frizz is unfortunately unavoidable and will happen to medium to long wigs/hairpieces indefinitely. Friction Frizz occurs when the fibre hair rubs against clothing i.e. collars of shirts etc. This hair can be trimmed to reduce the amount of Friction Frizz, however it is possibly recommended that a new one is purchased.
Do I need to wear a wig cap underneath my wig?
A wig cap is optional. It can be used to wrap up any existing hair or to act as a barrier against the wig.
How does a wig stay on?
The wig will stay on by itself but for extra security tighten the adjustor straps at the nape. If you have hair underneath or wear a wig cap, anchoring the wig and hair/wig cap with a grip can also help or if you have total hair loss, using double sided tape will also secure it.
I have never worn a wig before, how do I put it on?
The two important rules for putting on your wig correctly are to position the wig line at the front, 4 fingers width from your brow bone and to ensure the ear tabs on each side of the wig are evenly positioned to sit in front of your ears so the wig is straight. Hairpieces require a little practice.
I am worried that my wig might blow off in the wind?
This is a very rare situation. For extra security on very windy days, wear a hood, hat or scarf on top.
Will wearing a wig stop my hair from growing back?
No. A wig will not prevent your hair from growing back. However, if glues are used then please seek advice from your stylist.
Can I swim and exercise in my wig/hairpiece?
We wouldn't recommend this however if you do, we recommend you wear an old wig/hairpiece to swim in. If this is not possible, you must wash the wig or hairpiece immediately after to rinse out any chlorine etc.
Can I sleep in my wig/hairpiece?
We do not recommend this; it will cut the lifespan of the wig/hairpiece in half. However, we understand this is not always possible so if you do, sleeping on a silk pillow is recommended.
I have a long wig; can I wear it up?
You can wear the hair up, just keep it loose to avoid showing any joins or edging. Be careful when removing any hair accessory.
What aftercare products and accessories do I need for my wig?
This depends on what type of hair you have. Fibre hair, Flexi-Fibre and Human Hair have different aftercare products. Please go to our aftercare product section on the top menu bar to check what products you will need for your wig/hairpiece.
We recommend a polyhead, workhead or collapsible wig stand to keep your wig on when you are not wearing it and for drying and a wig brush too. If you have a Flexi-Fibre hair wig, Gem/bespoke human hair or V-Hair wig/hairpiece, Aderans straightening irons are perfect for styling.